Haflatu at Takhorruj Batch 12 Semicolon – Islamic Fashion Institute

Collection by @rahmaffh


Inspired by the symbol of semicolon, which has a psychological meaning of support for those who are struggling, surviving in their lives. The same goes with Snowdrop Flowers that have to survive during the Winter to their early Spring blooms. In the era of the British Victorian Kingdom, this flower meant good luck to anyone who brought it home. Essentially, the collection depicts the figure of a strong, elegant woman who is willing to fight for herself.

The dominant colors that will be used in this collection are White, Forest Green, and Gray which symbolize serenity and comfort. The silhouette used is an A and I line, with added embroidery and sequin details. The materials used in this collection are flowy materials such as Armani, Roberto, and Duches that are comfortable for everyday fashion modelling needs. The style of this collection is Feminine-Elegant that leads to Bridal style.

Photographer : @abimanyu_arif_shoot_hijab

Model : @azkatsaqila_ @rahmajelitaf @radhynnaa @mashal. Mustafa

MUA : @myinstaperfect

Source : https://www.facebook.com/islamicfashioninstitute

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About Islamic Fashion Institute (IFI)

The Islamic Fashion Institute (IFI) was founded and supervised by 3 seasoned, renowned designers of Indonesia, namely Irna Mutiara, Nuniek Mawardi, and Deden Siswanto since 2015. Located in Bandung, West Java, IFI is the first Muslim fashion school in Indonesia that has referred to the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards or Standar Kompetensi Kerja Nasional Indonesia (SKKNI), while holding on to the Islamic rules and principles. IFI’s curriculum is designed so that it could be implemented into the Muslim fashion design teachings, social skills, as well as the business acumen aspects of Muslim fashion.

The Islamic Fashion Institute is expected to educate and prepare future talented Muslim fashion designers, fashionpreneurs, and fashion brand owners who have both the hard and soft competences such as emotional, intellectual, and moral intelligence (“akhlaqul kariman”) as mandated in the Islamic rules and principles. Over the years, the number of students who want to join IFI keeps increasing as the people’s interests in learning Muslim fashion skills and knowledge are getting bigger

Webiste : https://islamicfashioninstitute.id

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